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We support museums, research institutions and companies in planning, execution, and post-processing of 3D imaging for cultural heritage objects.

FEM physical model of a Philippine gong


One gong of a Philippine Kulintang gong chime. The geometric model based on a 3D surface scan is utilized for finite element method (FEM) physical modelling. Modal deflection shapes ([0,1], [1,1] and [2,1]) obtained from an eigenvalue analysis with free-free boundary conditions. The original instrument is situated at the University of Hamburg, Germany

Drawing Drawing Drawing
[0,1] 438 Hz [1,1] 752 Hz [2,1] 1557 Hz

Surface scan of a Kulepa Ganeg


Kulepa Ganeg (Launut/Nunut), a friction idiophone from Papua New Guinea. High resolution model based on a 3D surface scan. The original instrument is on display at Übersee-Museum Bremen, Germany.